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I can't believe I just kissed her like that, that's all I can think about now; the look on her face. She wasn't disgusted which I guess is a good sign, but I guess I was hoping for something more, the spark. I felt it, but maybe I was wrong--she did say she was shocked and thought I was interested in Buffy. Buffy is good looking, but there's something about Willow that I really like or want to get to know. There's no point in rushing into anything.

I walked back to the dorm, walked into my room, and then saw that my pager had gone off. I went down the secret elevator to the base and walked in to the briefing catching the end of it, just hearing the assignments as I walked with the rest of the guys to suit up. I grabbed my gear and got ready as I shot a look at Graham, "Me and you tonight Graham." I said while checked my ammunition and then comm link. "Let's go catch some bad guys." I said leading the way towards the grounds that we're supposed to cover.

"So did I miss anything exciting during the meeting?"
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Riley "Why am I interested in you?" I ask slightly confused by your question. "I think you're an amazing person Willow, I want to really get to know you, and spend time with you."

Willow I sigh "I am not pretty, and blond, and well pretty." I say as I look away.

Riley "I think you're gorgeous, but I'm not shallow, I just happened to get lucky that you have a good personality and looks to match." I say as I take another bite of food.

Willow I wasn't really eating much, I was trying to wrap my mind around this.

Riley Maybe she wasn't into me or guys. "I'm sorry...I didn't mean to make this any weirder, for all I know you aren't attracted to me or anything else."

Willow "No it isn't that...." I say softly "I...I have had one guy interested in me...well and Xander, so ok two guys and one left and the other dumped me for an ex" I say covering...badly

Riley I look at her confused what was she about to say. "Damn democrats." I say with a chuckle. " after we grab some food I can take you back to your house."

Willow "If thats what you want." I say softly a bit disappointed, but I was happy he didn't ask about my slip up.

Riley "It's not what I want..." I say softly, but I'm not about to push it. "I'm just going to leave it up to you. I want to do something afterwards catch a movie or something, but not if you're bored or want to go home."

Willow "Movies are good....last one i saw had a woman singing about a buffalo and a magic coin...or something."

Riley I look at you confused, "Uhh...ok. Don't know, but ok." I say. "So movie it is? Maybe I can save this date after and a movie?" I say with a smile, hopeful.

Willow I giggle a bit "You talk to yourself often?"

Riley "No; I was talking to you. Do I get a second chance to fix the date?" I ask again.

Willow "Yes you do...still think you're nuts... But yes, you do."

Riley "I do...that's good. There is hope" I say with a smile. "So what do you want to see?"

Willow I shrug "I haven't a clue whats out...why don't you surprise me."

Riley "After we finish we can go look at the theatre and figure something out" I say with another smile.

Willow I nod "I like your plans." Suddenly not that hungry for pizza. "I am ready whenever you are." Ok why was I so excited about this?

Riley "Ok...sounds good to me." I say as I finish my bite and leave my money on the table and take your hand as we walk towards the movie theatre.

Willow He nearly pulled me from the chair with excitement, atleast I had time to grab my bag.

Riley I stopped outside the theatre as we look at the movie posters. I wrap my arm around your shoulder. "See anything that looks good?"

Willow I look at all of them and finally see one I would like, but he didn't seem like he was into that, but what the heck. "That one looks good." I say pointing to a poster for an english film.

Riley "What is this about?" I ask looking at the picture as I lean over and kiss you softly.

Willow My eyes widen as he does this. He was kissing me....he was really kissing me. Ok breath Willow!

Riley I pulled away and looked at her, her eyes were wide open, not exactly what I thought was going to happen. "Sorry...I got carried away." I say softly.

Willow "I..I just....Shock, yes umm ok the movie its...I don't know, but it looks good."

Riley I look at the movie and walk to the ticket place and buy two tickets.

I can't believe the way this day has turned out. Riley came by at one point, asked me if I wanted to go get something to eat. I had no clue that it would turn into a date..yes a date. An actual guy other than Oz can look at me and want to date me. Its all a blur to me, I don't think I could even tell you what happened, or what I ate..or even what movie we saw, but the fact that I was with him, letting his hand brush across mine, it was nice.

The sad part of it all was that I had to go back to the house to the drama. To Julie still with Spike in that sick twisted need to protect him, Makayla fighting with Wesley about why we shouldn't stake Spike, which has me all kinds of confused, and Buffy hovering, waiting for the exact moment that Julie leaves Spike's room so that she can kill him...all of this happening and all I want to do is spend more time with Riley...well and figure out what they did to Spike so we might better understand it. Thats the only downside, with Oz I could tell him about all of this, Riley I can't. I am starting to understand why Buffy hated dating outside of the group.
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"Isn't this gobs of fun." I said, leaning against the wall.

Tell you what, I'm sure not having any fun with Buffy hovering like a queen bee upstairs, waiting for Julie to leave me one moment so she can stake me. And Julie, crazy bint, is staying down here and refusing to leave. She's nuts to do this for me. But hey, she wants to, I can't exactly stop her. I can't do anything in these shackles except walk around the room and act like a puppet. Bloody stupid shackles. Not like I could hurt anyone without them on, but does any believe me besides psycho slayer over there? No.

Okay, maybe she's not psycho. I do have a soft spot for her. I mean, to brave Buffy and Red for me, that says a lot. No matter what I tried to do, I couldn't help but care about her. I worried about her. That's grand, you worrying about a slayer. Only thing I used to worry about is how long it would take to kill a slayer, not their bloody wellbeing. I tried not to look at her, tried not to care, but it wouldn't work. And she's been down here a long while. A very long while.

"You know, I'm not worth all of this. I don't want you risking your life for me. Don't you have things you need to be slaying?" I told her. No that that was going to make her leave. No matter what I said she refused to go. It was like talking to a brick wall. I went and lay down on the bed. Have I mentioned how bloody BORED I am? I lay so I was looking at the wall and not her. Maybe if I ignore her...yeah, that worked so well the first time around. I'm bloody stuck with her, down here, wishing someone would either free me or stake me.

I closed my eyes. Not that I need sleep, but there wasn't much else to do here. Might as well bloody try to sleep.
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Ok none of this makes sense. Spike can't hurt anyone and Julie is protecting him, as if we didn't have enough to worry about. I guess I can't complain though, it keeps us busy after all and what would Sunnydale be without there being drama and mayhem? Well I guess we will just focus on one thing at a time....and I guess that will be focusing on figuring out what is wrong with Spike and getting him out of this house.

This just means I have more research to do on top of homework. Thank the gods that I have everyone here to help, not that Buffy is much help with the waiting near Spike's room waiting to stake him first chance she can get. I don't think she realizes that Julie won't leave the room. Not that I can relate, I don't think Buffy even knows or cares why Julie is so drawn to Spike. In some ways I can see it, in some ways I can understand why. I just hope he doesn't kill her for that compassion.

None of that matters right now though...right now I will just worry about finding info on this thing that Angel is here for and keeping Buffy and anyone else from killing Spike...I hope.

[[open for anyone]]

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I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Willow and Buffy were downstairs interrogating the peroxided pest who apparently couldn’t hurt anyone….yeah this was going to end well. I just don’t get why they don’t just ram a pointy piece of wood through his heart…heck I will even be happy to be the one to do it.

What is it with slayers wanting to protect the evil dead variety? First Buffy with Angel, not only protecting him, but dating him and boning him, or rather he boned her, but that’s beside the point. The point is that these slayers are losing their minds, ok slayer and potential slayer…and what is with that anyway? Ok seriously, I really need to focus on one hard topic at a time. For now I need to focus on why these girls can’t seem to grasp the concept that vampires are evil and we need to stake them, not protect and date them.

Maybe I should go down there and remind them by demonstrating what the proper use of a stake on a vampire is. Of course if I do that Buffy will be pissed and I might just get slayed. There really is no winning in this battle. Ok so staying away completely…yep that’s what I am gonna do…for now anyway. He hurts anyone though, I will be the first in line to stake him!

[[open to anyone.]]
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I must admit, I have grown accustomed to having Kayla around. And when she's not here, the place feels very lonely without her. My lonliness began to turn to concern when she was gone longer and longer, and I closed the book I had been struggling to focus on for the past hour and a half. I placed it on the table next to me and sighed.

Was it my place to track her down? I was supposed to be looking out for her, but I didn't want to make her feel smothered. However, my concern was getting the better of me, and just as I stood up, she came bursting through the front door. The minute she saw me, she exploded into a story about Spike.

"Slow down," I said as I crossed to her and placed my hands on her arms. "Are you alright?"
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I couldn't believe what all had happened. I was supposed to be unpacking my things and trying to have a normal life, but no, I am watching over a vampire instead. Granted this was my choice, heck I pretty much begged for the chance. I don't know what I expected from this, but it certainly wasn't to have a soulless vampire who can't hurt anyone to have his arm around me and comforting me. I know this isn't like him, that he is hating himself for what he is doing, not like he would let me forget it.

I knew there would be drama when Buffy and Willow came in, I knew they would find a way to blame Spike for what happened in here so I had to find a way to hide what happened. Spike was busy telling me I should be happy that I am alive or something like that, not that I wanted to hear that again so I told him to hold that thought and slinked out of the room once more. I snuck up to my room and changed my shirt. Luckily he had bit into my arm so that was easy to hide since I wear long sleeves all the time as it was. When I was done I made my way back to the room Spike was in and slinked back in to see him still cowered on the cot.

"Your chances of being staked now are gone" I told him "they will never know what happened in here, unless you tell them, if you do that you really do have a death wish." Just as I was about to sit back down next to him Buffy and Willow came in the room. Great, now they are going to freak out and tell me I am insane...this should be fun.

"Hey" I said simply as I smiled at the two. "Spike and I were just talking." I said simply which only got me a look from the two that said something like; are you insane?!? Needless to say, my chances of spending time with him again are slim and none.

[[open for Buffy, Willow and Spike]]
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After the attack in the woods, Buffy had to leave to go move in with Willow. I had wanted to talk to her more, spend more time with her, but it didn't happen that night.

Hardly anything happened that night. The military guy I fought got away before we could unmask him. We were no closer to figuring out what the military was doing hunting vampires and such in Sunnydale.

I would have stayed to watch her moving in, but with the military out like they were, I decided to go back to the mansion and think for a bit. The last thing anyone needed was me in another fight with the military.

I sat and thought for awhile, planning out my next move. Cordelia calls it brooding, but really, it's not. I keep telling her that, but she doesn't believe me. She and Doyle are the only company I have right now.

I was wanting the company of someone else, but she's busy at the moment. I hate waiting. How long could it possibly take for her to move in with Willow? She can't have that many belongings. Can she?

I need to stop thinking about this. I hear Doyle and Cordy come in with some food and hopefully some blood for me. Maybe they can distract me for awhile, I hope.

[Open to Cordelia and Doyle]
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Willow, I could tell wasn't pleased about leaving me here, but honestly how much damage can Spike do in chains? I felt bad honestly, I don't know why, maybe because I could relate in some twisted way to his situation. I knew that in Buffy and Wesley and Makayla's kitchen there was a mini fridge with blood for when Angel was here, only reason I know this is because I helped put it together so I went up to their kitchen and swiped some blood for Spike. No sense in him starving.

Once I had the mug warmed just right...I hope, I walked back down the stairs handing it to him. He nearly ripped it from my hands drinking the whole thing without even a second thought. I could tell he wanted more so I made another mug, he didn't seem to like it, but at the same time he didn't really take the time to taste it either. "I am guessing it was what you needed....can I get you anything else?"

I could tell he was confused by my helping him, he didn't seem to understand what I saw him, or rather why I would help something like him. Hey I am not the slayer, I don't care either way and as long as he doesn't try to kill me we are all good. "What? Hey if you don't try to you know...drain me, I just want to help...sorry." I said softly as I looked away still wondering what it is I saw in him.

[[open for Spike]]
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Ok so Spike is asking for our help...this can't be good. The last time I saw Spike he was locking Xander and I in a basement and leaving us for dead...ok so yeah he wanted me to do a spell to get Dru back, but apparently he forgot about us and left us there and Oz found us kissing...needless to say when Spike is around no good can come of it.

I didn't like the fact that Julie wanted to watch over him, she wasn't ready for that, but she insisted she was and I had him in chains, so what could he really do? I didn't give her the key, not risking that, but I did leave her in the room with a weapon as I headed back upstairs. Makayla was off doing something else now and I was in search of Buffy, she needed to know about this.

I didn't know where she was, but I was going to atleast check her room. Her room was in the basement part of the house along with Makayla and Wesley's and I know Spike is also in the basement, but The thing about this house was that there was a basement then a secondary basement like thing for storms, which is where Spike is. Not like we really had to worry about that in California. I guess these people watched Twister and Wizard of Oz too many times and panicked.

"Buffy?" I said loudly as I knocked on her door.
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