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[17 Jul 2006|09:59pm]

I can't believe I just kissed her like that, that's all I can think about now; the look on her face. She wasn't disgusted which I guess is a good sign, but I guess I was hoping for something more, the spark. I felt it, but maybe I was wrong--she did say she was shocked and thought I was interested in Buffy. Buffy is good looking, but there's something about Willow that I really like or want to get to know. There's no point in rushing into anything.

I walked back to the dorm, walked into my room, and then saw that my pager had gone off. I went down the secret elevator to the base and walked in to the briefing catching the end of it, just hearing the assignments as I walked with the rest of the guys to suit up. I grabbed my gear and got ready as I shot a look at Graham, "Me and you tonight Graham." I said while checked my ammunition and then comm link. "Let's go catch some bad guys." I said leading the way towards the grounds that we're supposed to cover.

"So did I miss anything exciting during the meeting?"
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[24 Jun 2006|02:33pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Riley "Why am I interested in you?" I ask slightly confused by your question. "I think you're an amazing person Willow, I want to really get to know you, and spend time with you."

Willow I sigh "I am not pretty, and blond, and well pretty." I say as I look away.

Riley "I think you're gorgeous, but I'm not shallow, I just happened to get lucky that you have a good personality and looks to match." I say as I take another bite of food.

Willow I wasn't really eating much, I was trying to wrap my mind around this.

Riley Maybe she wasn't into me or guys. "I'm sorry...I didn't mean to make this any weirder, for all I know you aren't attracted to me or anything else."

Willow "No it isn't that...." I say softly "I...I have had one guy interested in me...well and Xander, so ok two guys and one left and the other dumped me for an ex demo...democrat." I say covering...badly

Riley I look at her confused what was she about to say. "Damn democrats." I say with a chuckle. "Ok...so after we grab some food I can take you back to your house."

Willow "If thats what you want." I say softly a bit disappointed, but I was happy he didn't ask about my slip up.

Riley "It's not what I want..." I say softly, but I'm not about to push it. "I'm just going to leave it up to you. I want to do something afterwards catch a movie or something, but not if you're bored or want to go home."

Willow "Movies are good....last one i saw had a woman singing about a buffalo and a magic coin...or something."

Riley I look at you confused, "Uhh...ok. Don't know, but ok." I say. "So movie it is? Maybe I can save this date after all...date and a movie?" I say with a smile, hopeful.

Willow I giggle a bit "You talk to yourself often?"

Riley "No; I was talking to you. Do I get a second chance to fix the date?" I ask again.

Willow "Yes you do...still think you're nuts... But yes, you do."

Riley "I do...that's good. There is hope" I say with a smile. "So what do you want to see?"

Willow I shrug "I haven't a clue whats out...why don't you surprise me."

Riley "After we finish we can go look at the theatre and figure something out" I say with another smile.

Willow I nod "I like your plans." Suddenly not that hungry for pizza. "I am ready whenever you are." Ok why was I so excited about this?

Riley "Ok...sounds good to me." I say as I finish my bite and leave my money on the table and take your hand as we walk towards the movie theatre.

Willow He nearly pulled me from the chair with excitement, atleast I had time to grab my bag.

Riley I stopped outside the theatre as we look at the movie posters. I wrap my arm around your shoulder. "See anything that looks good?"

Willow I look at all of them and finally see one I would like, but he didn't seem like he was into that, but what the heck. "That one looks good." I say pointing to a poster for an english film.

Riley "What is this about?" I ask looking at the picture as I lean over and kiss you softly.

Willow My eyes widen as he does this. He was kissing me....he was really kissing me. Ok breath Willow!

Riley I pulled away and looked at her, her eyes were wide open, not exactly what I thought was going to happen. "Sorry...I got carried away." I say softly.

Willow "I..I just....Shock, yes umm ok the movie its...I don't know, but it looks good."

Riley I look at the movie and walk to the ticket place and buy two tickets.

I can't believe the way this day has turned out. Riley came by at one point, asked me if I wanted to go get something to eat. I had no clue that it would turn into a date..yes a date. An actual guy other than Oz can look at me and want to date me. Its all a blur to me, I don't think I could even tell you what happened, or what I ate..or even what movie we saw, but the fact that I was with him, letting his hand brush across mine, it was nice.

The sad part of it all was that I had to go back to the house to the drama. To Julie still with Spike in that sick twisted need to protect him, Makayla fighting with Wesley about why we shouldn't stake Spike, which has me all kinds of confused, and Buffy hovering, waiting for the exact moment that Julie leaves Spike's room so that she can kill him...all of this happening and all I want to do is spend more time with Riley...well and figure out what they did to Spike so we might better understand it. Thats the only downside, with Oz I could tell him about all of this, Riley I can't. I am starting to understand why Buffy hated dating outside of the group.

Stake a Vamp

[09 Apr 2006|09:44pm]

"Isn't this gobs of fun." I said, leaning against the wall.

Tell you what, I'm sure not having any fun with Buffy hovering like a queen bee upstairs, waiting for Julie to leave me one moment so she can stake me. And Julie, crazy bint, is staying down here and refusing to leave. She's nuts to do this for me. But hey, she wants to, I can't exactly stop her. I can't do anything in these shackles except walk around the room and act like a puppet. Bloody stupid shackles. Not like I could hurt anyone without them on, but does any believe me besides psycho slayer over there? No.

Okay, maybe she's not psycho. I do have a soft spot for her. I mean, to brave Buffy and Red for me, that says a lot. No matter what I tried to do, I couldn't help but care about her. I worried about her. That's grand, you worrying about a slayer. Only thing I used to worry about is how long it would take to kill a slayer, not their bloody wellbeing. I tried not to look at her, tried not to care, but it wouldn't work. And she's been down here a long while. A very long while.

"You know, I'm not worth all of this. I don't want you risking your life for me. Don't you have things you need to be slaying?" I told her. No that that was going to make her leave. No matter what I said she refused to go. It was like talking to a brick wall. I went and lay down on the bed. Have I mentioned how bloody BORED I am? I lay so I was looking at the wall and not her. Maybe if I ignore her...yeah, that worked so well the first time around. I'm bloody stuck with her, down here, wishing someone would either free me or stake me.

I closed my eyes. Not that I need sleep, but there wasn't much else to do here. Might as well bloody try to sleep.
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[08 Apr 2006|06:45pm]

Ok none of this makes sense. Spike can't hurt anyone and Julie is protecting him, as if we didn't have enough to worry about. I guess I can't complain though, it keeps us busy after all and what would Sunnydale be without there being drama and mayhem? Well I guess we will just focus on one thing at a time....and I guess that will be focusing on figuring out what is wrong with Spike and getting him out of this house.

This just means I have more research to do on top of homework. Thank the gods that I have everyone here to help, not that Buffy is much help with the waiting near Spike's room waiting to stake him first chance she can get. I don't think she realizes that Julie won't leave the room. Not that I can relate, I don't think Buffy even knows or cares why Julie is so drawn to Spike. In some ways I can see it, in some ways I can understand why. I just hope he doesn't kill her for that compassion.

None of that matters right now though...right now I will just worry about finding info on this thing that Angel is here for and keeping Buffy and anyone else from killing Spike...I hope.

[[open for anyone]]
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[09 Feb 2006|10:23pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Willow and Buffy were downstairs interrogating the peroxided pest who apparently couldn’t hurt anyone….yeah this was going to end well. I just don’t get why they don’t just ram a pointy piece of wood through his heart…heck I will even be happy to be the one to do it.

What is it with slayers wanting to protect the evil dead variety? First Buffy with Angel, not only protecting him, but dating him and boning him, or rather he boned her, but that’s beside the point. The point is that these slayers are losing their minds, ok slayer and potential slayer…and what is with that anyway? Ok seriously, I really need to focus on one hard topic at a time. For now I need to focus on why these girls can’t seem to grasp the concept that vampires are evil and we need to stake them, not protect and date them.

Maybe I should go down there and remind them by demonstrating what the proper use of a stake on a vampire is. Of course if I do that Buffy will be pissed and I might just get slayed. There really is no winning in this battle. Ok so staying away completely…yep that’s what I am gonna do…for now anyway. He hurts anyone though, I will be the first in line to stake him!

[[open to anyone.]]

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[16 Jan 2006|10:30am]

I must admit, I have grown accustomed to having Kayla around. And when she's not here, the place feels very lonely without her. My lonliness began to turn to concern when she was gone longer and longer, and I closed the book I had been struggling to focus on for the past hour and a half. I placed it on the table next to me and sighed.

Was it my place to track her down? I was supposed to be looking out for her, but I didn't want to make her feel smothered. However, my concern was getting the better of me, and just as I stood up, she came bursting through the front door. The minute she saw me, she exploded into a story about Spike.

"Slow down," I said as I crossed to her and placed my hands on her arms. "Are you alright?"
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[13 Jan 2006|03:09pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

I couldn't believe what all had happened. I was supposed to be unpacking my things and trying to have a normal life, but no, I am watching over a vampire instead. Granted this was my choice, heck I pretty much begged for the chance. I don't know what I expected from this, but it certainly wasn't to have a soulless vampire who can't hurt anyone to have his arm around me and comforting me. I know this isn't like him, that he is hating himself for what he is doing, not like he would let me forget it.

I knew there would be drama when Buffy and Willow came in, I knew they would find a way to blame Spike for what happened in here so I had to find a way to hide what happened. Spike was busy telling me I should be happy that I am alive or something like that, not that I wanted to hear that again so I told him to hold that thought and slinked out of the room once more. I snuck up to my room and changed my shirt. Luckily he had bit into my arm so that was easy to hide since I wear long sleeves all the time as it was. When I was done I made my way back to the room Spike was in and slinked back in to see him still cowered on the cot.

"Your chances of being staked now are gone" I told him "they will never know what happened in here, unless you tell them, if you do that you really do have a death wish." Just as I was about to sit back down next to him Buffy and Willow came in the room. Great, now they are going to freak out and tell me I am insane...this should be fun.

"Hey" I said simply as I smiled at the two. "Spike and I were just talking." I said simply which only got me a look from the two that said something like; are you insane?!? Needless to say, my chances of spending time with him again are slim and none.

[[open for Buffy, Willow and Spike]]

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[20 Dec 2005|02:44pm]

After the attack in the woods, Buffy had to leave to go move in with Willow. I had wanted to talk to her more, spend more time with her, but it didn't happen that night.

Hardly anything happened that night. The military guy I fought got away before we could unmask him. We were no closer to figuring out what the military was doing hunting vampires and such in Sunnydale.

I would have stayed to watch her moving in, but with the military out like they were, I decided to go back to the mansion and think for a bit. The last thing anyone needed was me in another fight with the military.

I sat and thought for awhile, planning out my next move. Cordelia calls it brooding, but really, it's not. I keep telling her that, but she doesn't believe me. She and Doyle are the only company I have right now.

I was wanting the company of someone else, but she's busy at the moment. I hate waiting. How long could it possibly take for her to move in with Willow? She can't have that many belongings. Can she?

I need to stop thinking about this. I hear Doyle and Cordy come in with some food and hopefully some blood for me. Maybe they can distract me for awhile, I hope.

[Open to Cordelia and Doyle]
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[19 Nov 2005|08:43pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Willow, I could tell wasn't pleased about leaving me here, but honestly how much damage can Spike do in chains? I felt bad honestly, I don't know why, maybe because I could relate in some twisted way to his situation. I knew that in Buffy and Wesley and Makayla's kitchen there was a mini fridge with blood for when Angel was here, only reason I know this is because I helped put it together so I went up to their kitchen and swiped some blood for Spike. No sense in him starving.

Once I had the mug warmed just right...I hope, I walked back down the stairs handing it to him. He nearly ripped it from my hands drinking the whole thing without even a second thought. I could tell he wanted more so I made another mug, he didn't seem to like it, but at the same time he didn't really take the time to taste it either. "I am guessing it was what you needed....can I get you anything else?"

I could tell he was confused by my helping him, he didn't seem to understand what I saw him, or rather why I would help something like him. Hey I am not the slayer, I don't care either way and as long as he doesn't try to kill me we are all good. "What? Hey if you don't try to you know...drain me, I just want to help...sorry." I said softly as I looked away still wondering what it is I saw in him.

[[open for Spike]]

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[19 Nov 2005|08:23pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Ok so Spike is asking for our help...this can't be good. The last time I saw Spike he was locking Xander and I in a basement and leaving us for dead...ok so yeah he wanted me to do a spell to get Dru back, but apparently he forgot about us and left us there and Oz found us kissing...needless to say when Spike is around no good can come of it.

I didn't like the fact that Julie wanted to watch over him, she wasn't ready for that, but she insisted she was and I had him in chains, so what could he really do? I didn't give her the key, not risking that, but I did leave her in the room with a weapon as I headed back upstairs. Makayla was off doing something else now and I was in search of Buffy, she needed to know about this.

I didn't know where she was, but I was going to atleast check her room. Her room was in the basement part of the house along with Makayla and Wesley's and I know Spike is also in the basement, but The thing about this house was that there was a basement then a secondary basement like thing for storms, which is where Spike is. Not like we really had to worry about that in California. I guess these people watched Twister and Wizard of Oz too many times and panicked.

"Buffy?" I said loudly as I knocked on her door.

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Urgent Call [16 Nov 2005|01:58pm]

I got a call, right after leaving Willows.

"Riley, you need to immobilize the team, and meet me at 1700. And be prompt". As always, Professor Walsh hung up without saying good-bye, but that was her way. I got back to the Frat, and sent out an all call.

"Troops, mobilize downstairs at 1700. Full night gear." I didn't give them more information than that. Honestly, I hadn't been given more, but I hoped it was more information about hostile 17. I wasn't happy the he was on the streets, even if the chip worked. He needed to be apprehended. And soon.

I dressed quickly, making sure my rank was visible on my armband. I didn't want a fight with Grahamn and Forrest today. Or any of the other guys, but alpha team, they were also my best friends. Pulling rank seemed to push us slight farther apart at times. But they understood the rules when they joined. That's what the military is all about.

After adding some spit shine to my boots, I headed toward base. And Professor Walsh.
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[24 Oct 2005|02:37am]

No food. Every bite full of bloody pain instead of pleasure. Bloody military, what the bloody HELL have they done to me? I'm dying, okay maybe not dying, but I'm starving. And I can't drink. Not even rats or cats or dogs, NOTHING! Don't know what to bloody do or where to bloody go. Running out of bloody time.

I pause for a moment. Such a quiet street this is. Even if there was someone, I couldn't bloody get a bite of them. Bugger this, I've got to get myself fixed. There's got to be someway to make me right again. Only, that slayer doesn't give a damn about me. Well I'll show her, I'll take her best friend and hold her hostage until Buffy comes to save her, and then, then I'll make her fix me! It's got to work, it just HAS TO! I don't have any other choice...

I near Willow's house, resting under a tree. So weak. But still strong enough to take on Willow, oh yes. She's mine, not long now. Alright Spike, gather yourself up, you have to not look as pathetic as you are. To the door now, standing right outside of her house. So very close to finally getting fixed, don't bloody mess it up, Spike. I press the doorbell. Any moment now, she'll answer the door and--

What the bloody hell is this? A tall blond and a redhead that isn't bloody Willow? Am I at the right house? I know I'm at the right house. "I need to speak to Willow. Is she home?"

[Open to Willow, Makayla, and Julie]
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[19 Oct 2005|03:39pm]

[ mood | tired ]

This has been a busy day, we have moved everything in and unpacked it and gotten it in place all in one day. I say that is productivity at its finest. I am glad that I had all the help that I did, if I didn't I would have never gotten all of this done. Riley had worked the hardest, he seemed like he had to prove something or whatever so when he dozed off during the movie I wasn't surprised.

The thing that surprised me the most was that I fell asleep against him. It had been so long since I had been able to relax, been able to feel comfortable resting against someone. It had been months since Oz left me, since I even had a guy look at me twice, so it isn't like I had a chance to see if I could be comfortable with another man. Now I know that I can, I think falling asleep was proof of that...I just hope that it doesn't freak out Riley.

As I started to wake up I noticed he was still asleep, I didn't want to wake him, heck I didn't even want to be awake, and it was dark out so I decided to cling tighter to him and pray he doesn't panic. Once again my eyes grow heavy, my body reaxes against him and I am out like a light.

I don't remember the last time I was able to curl up and go to sleep like this. It had been 6 months since my parents deaths and 5 since Oz left to find himself, I had been alone, and managing on my own, well with the help of Joyce and Giles, it was so nice to actually have someone here again that wasn't like a father or a mother that I could just relax with. Part of me still wondered though if he was into Buffy, if he was just pitying me right now, but I guess that would be something to work out on another day...

[[open to Sleeping Beau...I mean Riley]]

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a new day. [10 Sep 2005|03:32am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Once everything was packed and the guys from Riley's frat showed up we started to load things into the trucks. I had to admit, I was thankful for all that they were doing and all I had to do was buy them pizza. I couldn't believe that I was doing this, selling the last thing I had that was my parents, but I couldn't hold on to it forever.

I contemplated keeping it, changing my mind at the last moment, but I couldn't, I have crossed the point of no return. It isn't like the house isn't a nice one. It really is the nicest house I have owned and without the help of the sell of my parents house I wouldn't have been able to buy it. I couldn't believe I really was able to do it, but that isn't important now.

The morning sun shone down on my face as I stood on the porch letting the guys doing the heavy lifting, after the group insisted. Xander in and out carrying box after box, I just wish Buffy and Wes and Makayla would hurry up. I think even Joyce and Giles are supposed to show up, but I don't know yet. I also heard from Giles that Julie and her watcher were going to show up. I guess once everything is moved in we are having a meeting.

I just have to convince everyone to move in. Really the only ones I have to convice are Buffy, Wesley, Edward, Julie, and Makayla. I already had Xand convinced, honestly I don't think the others would say no, but I still worried. I guess I shouldn't worry about that right now, right now I have to get Xand and I moved in.

[[Open to all interested]]

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[22 Aug 2005|06:49pm]

[ mood | complacent ]

So Willow wants me to move in with her, into her new house, she wants all of us to. It makes sense for her and Buffy to, they were supposed to be roommates in the dorms, but why me? I am just the loser friend who can't get a real job. I just hope this isn't out of pity that she asked me to do this. Either way I need to be there to help her move in, no matter if I actually agree to move in with her.

I didn't know that Willow had talked to Riley about him helping too, well not until she told me she had. I don't know why I am upset by this, it isn't like Will and I are together, I just thought that it would be us moving in, not a whole group of others moving her in without a group of well toned smarter boys around to remind her what a loser I am.

I honestly don't know why this bothers me so much, why I am so upset, I guess it probably has to do with Willow seems to be hitting it off with this guy, Buffy has Angel back, where does this leave me? I guess if I want to keep from becoming someone they all talk about in passing the Hey whatever happened to the goofy guy who had a great snack food sense then I will have to move in with them. Either way I am going to become more than someone they talk about when they have nothing better..

Now that I think about it in high school I never did find my thing, I found out that the car wasn't it so what should I try next? Still think music isn't it, fluglehorn not withstanding, so what is my thing, what is the thing that will get me noticed? Ok so moving Willow can wait, or Riley can help her, I need to find my thing, no more will I be their errand boy.

[[open to anyone]]

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[02 Aug 2005|12:37am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

After our meeting with Mr Giles, Wes said he would bring me home. I knew I could find some stuff on the web, atleast I thought I could, I just needed to get to my computer. I think Wes just wanted to get me home cause he could tell that I was not that comfortable with Giles. I know I should be, my grandfather adored him, but the man makes me feel like I am the two bit hooker I once was.

Mind you I only did that for two weeks, the two weeks before Wesley and he found me in the hotel beaten and terrified, but I just couldn't shake the feeling thats all he thought of me. Wesley knows different, atleast he says he does, I mean he did make love to me. I just hope that it wasn't pity sex. I guess when we get back to the house I can talk to him about all of this.

I don't know how well the conversation will go, I mean will he have come to his senses, or will he really want to have more with me than just training me in what my grandfather couldn't. I guess in the long run it all doesn't matter. I could do what I have always done, I could pack my things and run, but knowing my luck they would just find me again.

[[Open for Wesley]]

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[01 Aug 2005|09:27pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

After my meeting with Wesley and Makayla I felt I needed a break. I debated for a while if I should tell Joyce of the impending threat on Buffy, and though she most likely deserves to know I came to the conclusion that she is better off not knowing. She has enough to worry about with Buffy and her calling, she doesn't need me to add to it by telling her that now she has a army of pure breed demons who want to kill anything that has human blood.

I still wanted to see Joyce, she was constantly on my mind, I know I had other trysts, but when I am near her...I can't think straight. I could never share this with Buffy, she would remind me of my age, as she does on a regular basis and tell me how I am not supposed to have a personal life. I think that Joyce felt the same, though she would never say it. I had decided to atleast go see how Joyce was then atleast we could maybe talk about making what we have something more than what it has been. I wonder though if I might not be the only one of the two of us that feels this way.

Honestly I can't believe that I would even be concerned with this at a time such as this, but I can't seem to think of anything else. Needing to get past this I need to be able to focus on the matter at hand. I know that isn't going to happen unless I talk to her, so that is what I shall do. I just hope she is home, from the sight of the jeep in the driveway I would venture a guess she is.

[[open for Joyce]]

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Nothing like moving to make a man...move [01 Aug 2005|04:36pm]

"Willow, I said I'll help you, and I will. After all, I'm a farm boy, remember. We move stuff all the time." What a smooth thing to say, Riley.

I followed her back to her house, the one she'd shared with her parents off campus. I was keeping a watchful eye around. She may know about SubT's, but that didn't make her the expert. I guess growing up in Sunnydale gives you some insight, but still, I was the trained one. Willow's just a girl.

I found I didn't quite know what to say. "Willow," I stared and stopped. How do you tell someone, "Gee, I'm sorry you're parents were torn apart, well, their necks anyway by demons. But I'm working really hard to find them, and imprison them so Professor Walsh can do experiments on them". I sighed. I'd always wanted to be like a superhero, I mean, like this, all my life. But like superheroes in the comics, we can't tell people what we do. Some days, it just seems wrong.

So I tried again. "Willow, I'm sorry. I really am. There isn't much a man can say, or anyone for that matter, that might make the grief better. Except, it does get better." How stupid was that, right?

"Anyway, so what else do you need help moving/packing? I can help with the packing, and in the morning I think I've got a friend with a truck we can borrow, if yu need one." Oh, and I hope you don't mind if it's Green. Actually, we have a few civilian vehicles for undercover maneuvers, that we do most of the time. I can requisition a truck with little problem.

"And, where are we taking it?" I looked at her, and realized I really did like her. Pretty, smart, and probably wouldn't be too bothered, if and when she found out I was part of a military operation called The Initiative, which is dedicated to getting the monsters off the street that killed her parents. And all the other's too. Buffy, is cute. But Willow, she had depth I can't see in Buffy.

Maybe it's just that Willow is a little peculiar.
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[25 Jul 2005|09:29pm]

I smiled at Buffy. I just love a challenge and I missed nights like this sometimes. It just wasn't the same with anyone else but Buffy.

"Alright, then. Try to keep up!" I said, and then into the darkness I went. I could smell some of them, alright. Two, in fact. And they weren't far from here. Boys, boys, shouldn't you know better than to be out with vamps like me around?

I wondered if Buffy was keeping up with me. I could smell her, so she wasn't far behind me it seemed. I just hoped she could keep quiet enough so that these boys wouldn't know what hit them. I was getting more giddy by the moment, so close to meeting the challenge I set forth in front of Buffy.

Hmmm. Apparently they split up. That's fine, I'd get the one closest to me. I slid through the darkness like a serpent, finally sighting my target. White military boy, looking pissed off and scanning the area for something.

Boy, was he about to be surprised. I waited until the right moment, then made my move.

[Open to Graham and Buffy]
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[16 Jul 2005|01:57pm]

So 'ere I was, drunk as er skunk, makin' me way back to de mansion when I run intuh Cordy. She was lookin' a wee bit flustered, and as she had mentioned, she'd been lookin' for me 'n Angel all night. If Cordy really knew me, the best t' be lookin' for a guy like me would be saddled up against the bar with a pint in me hand. 'Cos really, dats where I was all night.

As fer Angel? I hadn't a hell of an idea where that bloke ended up at. I gave Cordy a polite smile, tryin' me best not to appear as drunk as I really was. I admit, it was pretty hard, and I din't want to give off that creepy vibe dat drunk people give off. "Yer, I'm pretty 'ammered," I told 'er, not realizin' I was tryin' me best here to not appear drunk. Way to go man, yer a real smoothe one, eh?

I steadied meself on the railin' and closed my eyes, givin' me head a shake. "I dun know where Angel's at eider," I told her, tryin' me best to look less drunk and more business. "I t'ought I saw him at der uh.. the uerr.. other place dere.." I pointed off in any random d'rection. Guess I wasn't goin' to be much help to her at this point, but I guess I jus' wanted to get me ass into a bit of sleep. Den maybe i'd be better off for talkin' about dis in the mornin'.

As much as I wanted t' go and pass out, I was fightin' t' urge to stick around and maybe strike up some more conversation wit' Cordy here.

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Stumbling back to the mansion. [01 Jul 2005|11:00am]

[ mood | drunk ]

I didn't really know this town at all. It seemed to me that it was demon central, but of course, I had drank so many Guinesses by now, that I could have been envisioning trees as demons.

I had left after Cordy did. Of course, she was worried about Angel, and had probably gone off to look for him, but I was happy that I had finally been able to tell her how I felt about her.

It made me want to drink more, and kind of celebrate it, like I would have in a pub back in Dublin, and celebrate I did, walking the streets and cemetaries, another four pack of guiness in my hand, inside of a bag, now in a trash can, if I didn't miss it, somewhere along the way.

I had also been worried about these soldier boys and figured that I could do a little recon on them, you know, to let Angel know where they were, but I had missed the boat on finding any of them which was probably a good thing, since I was now virtually stumbling and would have given myself away to them in a matter of mere minutes.

I had eluded a vampire attack, somehow, though, and while I wasn't afraid of them, I was thinking that it was a good time for me to get back to the mansion, as long as I could find my way back there.

Somehow, I was successful, and as I walked up, the vison of beauty, herslef, came strolling up at the same time of me, and she had lost her drunken state, had gone the opposite direction as I had.

As we made our way up to the doors, I noticed that we nearly collided trying to walk in and other then the fact that I had some beer breath, I wouldn't have minded that at all, but somehow, she made it in and I followed, one by one.

"Quite the lovely little town, this Sunnydale is," I said to her, slurring my words, doubtlessly, but trying my damnedest not to.


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When you start looking for reasons... [30 Jun 2005|12:04am]

[ mood | happy ]

This day was completely insane. First off, Willow and I had a nice little date with Riley at the coffee shop. That was fun, except for the factthat I walked right into a couple traps on the way. Like that line of fire that told everyone on earth that I was a slayer. I really needed to come up with some new excuses. I mean, I was even trying to throw some facts that I played paintball in the mix. Sooner or later, ocnsidering Riley is a Psych major as it is, he's going to find out. And that's totally not cool. I liked Riley, and I didn't want to see him killed because he hung around during patrolling.

So one would say that that was probably the oddest thing happening, the whole fact that Riley caught me patrolling on campus, like a little girl who didn't know how to protect herself. I had said some things, and he had said some things, and we were both lying, but we could't exactly call each other on it because of the fact that we were lying ourselves. If that made any type of sense at all. I learned one thing about Riley tonight: that he's incredibly stubborn. He refused to go home because he was worried about me...when in fact I was more worried about him. And let's not forget that that man was obviously really curious as to what the hell I was really doing out here.

But no worries, because the night wasn't half over. Riley and I were sitting on the bench, him refusing to move, and me trying to get rid of him while refusing to move, when none other than Angel shows up. Angel. The vampire, Angel.

That took a few blinks, because it's hard to picture him actually back in Sunnydale. He had left, and I hadn't even seen him once or heard from him since he had left to live the LA life. Then poof. Angel, walking toward me, while I was trying to be alone. Riley left, and that made me guilty enough. Because it was like I wasn't even paying attention to him after I saw Angel. Okay, it wasn't like, I really didn't. I think I might have forgotten he was there, trying to convince me that everyman that lurks in the dark is evil.

After he walked up to me, everything was a blur. I think there was some yelling, and maybe some sulking, and definitely brooding. I still couldn't get past the whole 'in the flesh' deal. But it all started making sense when Angel said that there was danger coming my way. Of course the reason he came here was to be the bringer of bad news.

The scourge, some man demon with visions, and my untimely death. All sounded like the life of me.

We talked some more, about him coming on Thanksgiving, the ring that I gave him, and then the whole commando thing that was still up in the air.

There wasn't really much that could be done tonight about anything, but both Angel and weren't going to tell each other that as we walked down the dark path through the woods. We were making excuses again. And we both knew that it could never happen again. Yet, it was weird how we both still were trying to convince ourselfs that it could.

And that's what brings us to this place, looking for something that we could kill together, like old times. It was less stressful than talking, and it was kind of like bonding time, but not really. This was Angel and me. This was us, and it wasn't new.

But it sure as hell felt like it. I hadn't seen him for so long, and just now, as we were walking in silence, did I realize how much I had needed our little 'looking after one another' ritual. Even though this wasn't the time to be smiling, I was.

Things weren't all that bad.

((Open to Angel))

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Into the night, again. [25 Jun 2005|04:51am]

[ mood | indifferent ]

The meeting with Professor Walsh had been a splash. Just as I had expected it would be.

Hostile seventeen threatened all of our work here, our identity and Forrest was still all cavalier about it, like he hadn't made a mistake in the woods and because of him, hostile seventeen hadn't gotten away.

Yeah, I had been hard on him, but it was me that took the ire of Maggie and not him, and he just didn't get that.

When the meeting broke, I took the elvator up quickly, becaus I didn't feel like hearing his side of the story.

I was there, I knew what happened, and Forrest just wasn't big enough to acknowledge that he had messed up.

In the hall, at the dorm, he had called to me, but I had a stake in hand and felt like doing a solo patrol. I heard him, turned, gave him a look, but was doing the solo patrol tonight, regardless of who was doing what in what teams.

I coould get hostile seventeen myself, only it wasn't a stake out, it was a kill, crush, destroy. He had caused us enough problems. I was thinking about going to the Restfield cemetary, and on my way, decided to do a sweep through town, just to keep some folks safe if they needed it.

As I got downtown, I couldn't believe who I came across, coming out of the esperesso pump was none other then Willow! I told her to be careful and to try not to walk around at night, and had told Buffy too, but apparently, neither one of them listened to that.

I almost wanted to tell her as I approached hr about al of the demons in this town, but I couldn't, not without a court martial.

As she walked away, I thought about meeting Buffy outside on the park bench and how much grief she had given me about asking her to go home, and how she didn't.

I hoped that Willow wasn't the same way. "Willow," I called, dropping the plan to kill hostile seventeen at the moment and as she turned to me.

"Walking the streets alone at night..." I shook my head. "Don't you know how many muggers that there are around these parts?"


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Blamed. [25 Jun 2005|03:40am]

[ mood | cranky ]

Walking out of the meeting, I couldn't believe that Riley had given me the third degree about hostile seventeen getting away.

I had just been trying to capture him. But, as always, he had to get all with the pulling of rank and of course, that news traveled fast and got to Professor Walsh.

I couldn't believe him. He had never been this way before. We had always been tight, but now, his mind was elsewhere, he was unfocused, thinking about Buffy or that other walking stick figure that he was always talking about.

Girls, man, I knew woman, but Riley was acting like he had never dated one before and it was getting in the way of our family. Somebody had to talk to that boy and as we came out of the elevator, him walking away, avoiding us, I was thinking that it would be Graham and I.


He turned, but then turned back around and just kept walking, like it was the end of the world that the damned vamp had gotten away.

"We need to talk to that boy, get his head screwed on tight again. I'm not going to say this to Walsh, but it's not like hostile seventeen can hurt anyone and all of a sudden, it's all my fault, all mighty ominous, when really it's Finn with the problem."

I was ranting and Graham was giving me the look like he wasn't going to take sides, but I was right, and all three of us knew it.

[Agent Miller]

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[14 Jun 2005|03:41pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

I wake up with Makayla in my arms. I kiss her forehead. "Good morning sweetness." I whisper against her hair. I stretch and get out of bed, heading towards the bathroom to get ready for the day. "How would you feel about going over to Rupert Giles' house today? I'd like to leave shortly if that is alright?" She nods and I smile at her.

A short time later we arrive at Mr. Giles' house. I clasp her hand, and knock on the door.

((open to anyone that is home))

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[11 Jun 2005|10:23pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Mr Giles was so nice to let us be in his apartment for so long. I felt like I was in his way and when I started trying to clean Edward had to get me to leave. Luckily though mr Giles allowed us to take some of his volumes so we might do some research from home. I didn't really know that much about anything demonic, my research always focused on one thing and that was photography.

If I could trade everything in and get to do one thing with my life it would be photography. I mean who wouldn't trade in the life I have had for something as tame as that? I just know that it isn't that easy. I can't just trade the life I have had in and forget everything to do one thing that I love...I know that isn't even an option, which isn't fair.

Who got to decide the life I had to live? Who got to choose that I was to be a slayer if one died, and who got the chance to pick what I could do and couldn't do? For that matter who the hell got the chance to choose what father I had? Why did I have to live in that? Why did I have to go day by day chained up and my fathers slave?

I don't know why the moment I get home now I think about these things, why when I am alone is that the only thing I can focus on? Maybe I shouldn't be alone, or I shouldn't allow myself to have time to think..who knows. I just know one thing, that right now I can't be thinking about this, I have to focus on the task at hand. I need to focus on the information that we need....must find what we can on the scourge, then work from there.

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The Ire of Maggie Walsh. [24 May 2005|07:05am]

[ mood | irritated ]

The search for hostile seventeen had been a bust.

Well, not a complete bust, because at least we now knew that he couldn't hurt a single living being, but I never failed and it was now a case where I could no longer say that.

I stood at the head of the pack, as Professor Walsh easily was earning her reputation as the evil bitch monster of death.

It was mainly Forrest's fault, and as she thundered on about why it was so important that we capture him, going on and on about how national security was literally at stake and certainly the entire future of our operation, stuff that we all knew, but in military parlance, were being reminded of again, and listened with wide eyes, I found myself staring at Forrest, because we would have had him if he could actually count to three and had not blown it for myself and Graham.

He looked back a me, as if to tell me not to look at him, but my gaze at him was icy.

It wasn't only him, though.

We may have had another shot at him, if I had been able to stay on his tail, but then Buffy had to come along, and then be so stubborn. That girl had something peculiar going on, but I couldn't put my finger on it and if it kept up, then she was going to become a pretty meal for a vampire.

Then there was that whole deal with that guy showing up and it was obvious that she was with him, so a good chancwe with a peculiar girl was gone. It stunk, but she would probably just end up driving me crazy, with the whole not-listening thing, anyway.

Maggie finished up and we all took turns punching Forrest on the arm as we went back up to our dorms.

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[22 May 2005|01:28am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

It was finally decided I was selling the house. I didn't really want to stay here after they died and Oz left. I mean it was filled with memories of all three of them, mostly Oz because he spent more time here than my parents ever did, but none the less, I just didn't want to stay here.

When I called the realtor she seemed thrilled, she told me that someone had been interested in the house and was willing to pay more than what it was worth, I mean how could I say no to that! When she came by with the preliminary paper work and a list of houses that were available near the campus it seemed so right. Luckily my parents had in their will that once I turned 18 everything of worth they had would be mine. Since they died within months of my 18th birthday I didn't even have to go through my aunt.

Once I was done actually physically listing the house and signing the papers for inspections and what not the realtor gave me the option to look at a couple of houses. I had nothing better to do since I was avoiding Buffy and everyone else so I called Xander and offered to let him tag along. The whole plan here was to let him believe he was helping me pick a place out, but mostly it was to help me pick a house for all of us. I wanted this to help us get closer not to mention to get the memories of Oz and my parents out of my mind.

A lot of people would say that thoughts like that are heartless, but I know that they will always be in my heart, I just can't continue to think about them night and day, and smell them in a house that they haven't been in, in months. I couldn't contunue to see the remenants of my parents life and wonder why they had to die in that plane crash. All the memories of the months that followed hurt as well.

I would lay in bed and remember the nights that Oz promised he wouldn't leave me, and the night in the bronze when Oz asked me to marry him. I had all those memories with me daily, the memories of the bronze I couldn't change, I can't get away from those memories, the only ones I can control are the ones in my house..maybe it is wrong that I am running away from this, but is the only way I know how to live on.

I couldn't continue to worry about this, and I knew it would be ok when we finally found the right house. A simple two story house, three if you count the basement which had been completely remodeled. In the basement there was not only a bedroom and full bathroom, but a small kitchen, so basically whoever lived down there could come and go as they pleased without disturbing anyone else in the house. Which means it would be a perfect place for Buffy when she had late night or...well no Giles wouldn't want to move in here so its just Buffy, me, and Xand which leaves 3 rooms upstairs that are open.

I just hope that if I do buy this house that everyone will want to move in with me. I am almost certain Buffy will, just to get away from her crazy roommate, and I know Xander will, I mean he would move into a box on the street if it meant that he could be out of his parents house. I don't know what I am really worried about, I guess I will see if they accept the offer and the sell of my parents house goes through, wouldn't want to count my chickens before they are hatched.

I was just glad to get this over with and head back to the house. I talked to the realtor a while longer then she finally left, which left Xander and I alone. I couldn't have been happier to just have him stay with me for the night. Just wish he could see past his own obsession with every other woman in creation to notice me, so for now I just settle for being the best friend.

[[open to anyone who wants to stop by]]

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[15 May 2005|03:26pm]

[ mood | blank ]

I just told Wesley what I had to do and he didn't seem to care. He didn't care what I was before. I couldn't believe how wonderful he truly was. I could feel the tears still streaking my cheeks though, I didn't want to worry him so I quickly wiped them away and looked up at him, a semi-forced smile crossing my face as I did so. "I just can't believe you didn't want to send me away." I finally admitted.

"Look, the whole thing is when i was doing..well what I was doing I made some bad calls. One of those calls was to let this one man pick me up. He got what he wanted and then didn't like the cost so he beat me. I managed to fight back as best I could, but he is the reason that I was the way you found me when you found me." I looked away, I didn't want to start crying again.

"I just felt you had a right to know..before you got attached to me. It basically gives you time to run away screaming...you know if you want to run away."

[[open to Wesley]]

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Out on the town.... [09 May 2005|01:37pm]

[ mood | sore ]

Well, Willow was pretty tired, and was being worse than Oz used to be as far as the talking. When ones asked him a question, at least he'd answer back in more than 2 words. Other than that, yeah he beat her out being monosyllabic. I don't know, I guess it was just weird being her best friend, and her not talking to me. She always talked to me. Even when I was too busy to be listening.

So I didn't really understand her reaction to our few exchanged sentences and a lot of non verbals. I knew I should be paying more attention in Psychology. Maybe she was screaming at me, and I didn't even realize. That would be typical of me anyway. Sometimes I could be so blind.

So I dropped her off at the house because it was being a really REALLY slow night. I figured I'd be seeing some commandos, and actually get some answers, or at least more than one vampire. It was like halloween or something. Completely quiet. And to be honest, that's gotta be the scariest part of it all. Because normally when there isn't any action, that means that the action is someplace else, that being where I wasn't. and that's just totally not cool. Especially when we're susceptible for an apocalypse any minute. Come to think about it, we'd only had one or two threats this year. Maybe that was it. We were going to be facing an apocalypse, because there's nothing for me to slay. Go ahead and tell me that that's not supposed to make me look completely insane.

Hey, it doesn't hurt to be careful. Or to think about something other than the fact that my best friend doesn't feel the need to tell me things. Or that something is really bothering her. Or, oh god. Maybe she thinks we've grown apart?

See, exactly why I'd rather be thinking about an apocalypse. Something that I can control. Something that can't destroy me half as much, because losing Willow is like a stab through the other half of my heart that wasn't taken when Angel left. Same thing goes with Xander and Giles. I don't think I'd be able to handle it if I lost either of them. Sucks to even think about.

So off I went anyway, into the darkness, where I'd be looking for any signs of vampire or commando, or both. I was becoming impatient. I needed something to control. I needed something to think about other than the pain in my arm, or losing my best friends, or god even the past. Must. Think. Future.

Future, like the reading that Riley said I better do because Walsh is going to drill me.

Okay, so maybe future wasn't the best to be thinking about.

Exactly why I was hoping to have an anything try to kill me.


((Open to Angel and/or Riley...or anyone.))

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[07 May 2005|09:32pm]

[ mood | confused ]

I was wandering about the streets of Sunnydale, still unsure how to talk to Makayla about what happened between us. I enjoyed the kiss, that goes without saying, but she is a young, impressionable girl, the daughter of a friend, and it may not be right for me to make advances in her direction. My obligation is to help her with her gift, not to admire her beauty, grace, intelligence, the slight sweet upturn of her mouth...no, I must be stronger. I am a father figure to her, propriety above all. Yet...

I shake my head, these thoughts plague me nightly, back and forth, back and forth. I had hoped that the crisp night air may clarify things for me, but I am just as muddled, only with better constitution. I sigh and turn, headed for home, and run almost headlong into Makayla, as if by providence herself. "Good evening." I say politely, clearing my throat. "How have you been?"

((open to Makayla, and Willow if she is out and about our way))

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[06 May 2005|02:01pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

The patrol was rather uneventful, thank god, I let Buffy go patrol for a while longer while I headed home. I had some thing sto decide, had to decide if I wanted to keep the house, or move closer to the campus, and whether I wanted to stay in sunnydale at all. I hadn't told Buffy or Xander or well anyone that I had been considering this at all, I didn't want to ruin their lives before I even made a decision.

I don't know why I thought it was a good idea, I don't know why all my reasons for staying made no sense to me now, but I just felt that I needed to get away from the hellmouth. Buffy had her slaying, Giles, and her mom and now probably Riley, Xander had..well he had Buffy. Who do I have? Since my parents died and Oz left to find a way to control the wolf and Buffy not working with the council anymore..what is my purpose here? I know that I have no chance with Riley, not when Buffy is an option, so maybe I should just go.

Thing is I don't want to leave them, I can't leave them. They may not notice me half the time, but I still don't want to leave them. I just need to find my place, though that doesn't make my other decision easy. I have to decide soon what I want to do about this house. I have noticed that I have been finding reasons not to stay there, so maybe it is time for me to sell the house, to move on. I guess that is where I will start, where I will begin my big life changes. I will sell the house and find something new, with less memories.

Stake a Vamp

De mansion. [30 Apr 2005|01:43am]

[ mood | jittery ]

Cordelia and I arrived back at Angel's Sunnydale mansion, which out here alone, near de cemetary, with all of de army personnel seeming tuh run around town, and my certainty dat de scourge was closing in on us, was kinda creepy, even for someone who was half demon.

I had divulged my secret tuh Cordelia, finally, after more den a couple of months of working tugeder, and surprisingly, she didn't punch me in de face.

She had even called me a little bit of a looker, with de stipulation of course that I needed to use hair gel and possibly change my wardrobe, but dat was doable. For her, I would. She would notice de new Doyle, that is, if we lived through dis and I actually had the chance to reinvent myself.

She was starved and I was too, but fer de moment, I was pleasing muhself with a guiness draught can, and looking out of de window, hoping for Angel to get back amid all of dis chaos dat seemed to be going through de town on dis night, somehow feeling dat if he didn't get here soon, dat de scourge was going to be arriving befer him, arriving tuh kill me and Cordelia.

I had tuh stop looking out of de window because it was making me crazy and I heard the knife in the bottle noises dat Cordelia was making from de kitchen, and it made me want tuh cook a couple of hotdogs.

I tried tuh lighten up, joining her in de kitchen. "The kitchen becomes you, Cordelia. I can see you making some lucky mick very happy in de future."

I was so going to get punched fer dat one.


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[29 Apr 2005|11:28am]

Just as I thought, I finally lost those bloody twits that were chasing after me. They really thought they could get a hold of me didn’t they. Right like I’d let that happen, now it was time to find the slayer and figure out what she had done to me.

I made my way cross the town and figured I might as well have a snack would be a good way to tell if anything had actually happened to me. Scanning the area I noticed a young girl walking down the street, she looked to be about fourteen or fifth teen. Sandy blood hair and freckles on her face. I moved closer to the girl in which case she started to notice me, at first she smiled, probably figured I was going to come on to her or something. This of course would be a big thing for a girl her age. Having some hot older guy come onto you, she would be able to run and brag to all her little friends ‘bout it. Which of course wouldn’t happen since she would be dead but the time I got done with her.

“Hello love” I said as I lit up a cigarette. “Nice night out tonight isn’t it.” I said as I took a deep breath in, which of course I did not even need to do, being of the dead and all. I let the smoke roll out between my lips as I inched my way closer to her placing my cool digits upon her warm cheek. “What’s a pretty girl like you doing out all by yourself.”

She took a few steps back as her heart began to race. Seems the girl was starting to get a bit brightened by me.

“uhhh nothing. Just you know the typical stuff.”

“Ah yes, just the typical stuff” By now I had gotten her to back her way into an alley. I started to inch my way closer to her once more right before I went out to grab her by the neck violently. But as I did so I felt a stinging pain in my head, it hurt so bad that I lost all control on what was going on and grabbed hold of my head falling backwards and landing on the round. Of course the girl took off running and there I was, left on the ground in some alley with a sharp pain in my head. It took a few moments for the pain to go away, which it finally did. Felt like that was going to last forever.

Sighing a stood up. Something was very wrong with this picture and I would soon find out what it was. By any chance, I have the feeling that I cannot hurt the slayer either, what the bloody hell those damn solders did to me.

I headed out of the alley and back down the streets towards the slayer’s house.

[ Tag anyone ]
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She's a sinner. [25 Apr 2005|06:32am]

An abundance of memories had floated so favorably into my mind like a flash of lightning tempting the sky. My heart raced as I found myself back in Sunnydale. Good ol’ Sunny D. But what I hadn’t accounted into my favor was the strange woman across the street looking right at me and…smiling? I found myself in complete shock as Buffy Summers stood on the sidewalk dressed in a red halter top and black leather pants. Her hair dyed almost matching my chocolate brunette locks. I furrowed my brow in confusion and let out a husky tomboyish laugh. Was she trying to be like me?

Making my way over across the street the thick clunking of my combat boots against the pavement I hopped up onto the sidewalk a slight smirk tugging at my pale pink lips. It was odd I had no make up on, something was wrong.

“Hey, Faith.” Buffy had said.

“Look at you… all dressed up and no where to go.” I replied in pure sarcasm.


“Faith, you can’t do this it’s not right!” anger and fear had surged throughout the honeyed-blonde’s voice and I struggled, her neck in my grasp.

“Shh it’ll only take a second.” I replied, grinning.


“Faith come blow out the candles you stupid whore.”

My eyes widened I slowly came forth to my mother my hands on my hips.

“Don’t look at me like that firecracker…”


The two of us toppled into a large grave the dirt meshing into her pretty pink dress. Her hair was pulled back slightly. She looked breath taking. Beautiful. But I had no time to look at her beauty as I felt something drive into my stomach. The knife that the Mayor had given me… my own fucking knife.


My pale slender hands reached up out of the grave grasping for any grass or ground possible. I pulled myself up, courageous and strong. The earth had changed. Rain fell down on my face. And I smiled…

Pale as a ghost the body of a young woman lay in a hospital bed. Pale eyelids fluttered open with an immediate act of revenge. She had awakened to a new day and a new world. To her…though the world hadn’t’ changed. If not it had only grown colder.

That woman…was me.


“Are you looking for someone, a relative… maybe a friend?” a woman with the most atrocious outfit I had ever seen stood before me. Holding a teddy bear. Her dark eyes cast confusion to my very soul.

“Yeah, actually I am…” I replied seeming to be in need of help she started over to me as I slowly began to limp and she took my hand as I lead her into the women’s bathroom. She tried to scream as soon as I gripped her throat. Deciding I really didn’t need to kill the girl I reeled back a slender arm giving her a good left hook right in the face. She was out like a light is all I can say. I found myself rejuvenated once I had changed into her clothes. I left her body in the stall.

The police of Sunnydale were too damn stupid to dust for finger prints. That’s just how they were here. Holding my breath I stared at myself in the mirror. Running my fingers through my dark chocolate brown locks. I looked like shit. My pale lips and my pale skin, I looked like a ghost. Taking my leave I began to saunter out of the women’s bathroom. No one was there. Not one line. No one was around.

I glanced up at a sign above the desk area, a secretary sat at her desk typing away furiously with her fingers on her keyboard. ‘Happy 10th birthday, Annabelle.’ it had read. I smiled slightly. My inner child kicking in as I leaned forward.

“Give this to Annabelle.” I nodded handing her the teddy bear.

“Thanks.” The secretary smiled.


No longer feeling sorry for myself I felt strong and empowered sitting on my bed of the small apartment. Or so much as I liked to call home. It wasn’t shitty. It was home to me. The first real home I had in years. A video tape propped itself against one of the shelves. I hadn’t noticed it there before as I quirked an eyebrow taking it within my grasp and squatted down on the carpet placing the video into the video slot in the VCR.

“If you’re watching this… I’m already gone… “ and then the whole story had unfolded to my eyes, my ears. I couldn’t tune it out, couldn’t stop it… he was dead… and I knew exactly what had happened. Watched it play out in my mind. Too bad I never graduated…

Angry I threw off the clothes that I hated so, going through my closet. I doubted I could keep this place, couldn’t afford it. I had to get out. But for now before anyone found out anyway which I doubt they would for a long ass time. I’d stick around. Changing into a black tank top as I slipped it on, adjusting the fitted jeans on my body. I smiled. Slipping on the black laced combat boots. The rest was history.

A little eyeliner…some red lipstick. Was I a sinner or a saint? I hadn’t really put much thought into it. But I knew it wasn’t the latter. A delicious smirk caressed my crimson colored lips as I bend down slightly, and blew a kiss to the mirror just to give my ego something to capture, and started out of the place. Descending the stairs as I went, clutching the door knob and turned.

I was out. God the sun was brighter than I thought it was.. People were walking around freely. I started onto the sidewalk coming from the back way. I knew no one had seen me. ‘Course if they had…there would be another dead body on the street. Or someone knocked out at least. My intentions weren’t exactly focused on the killing as much as the thrill…though there was this empty feeling inside of me. My soul begging for forgiveness and help. But that was bull shit

But then I asked myself again. Sinner? Or saint…

I choose sinner.
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Who might this be? [24 Apr 2005|02:09am]

[ mood | curious ]

Edward and I had a breif discussion that was surely going to get more in depth.

There was a lot to discuss. Julie's further training and protection, the Council's desires for sending Edward here and Edward's actual disenchantment with what they wanted in this instence, concerning Buffy.

I found Edward to be a delightful chap really, and Julie, was a well-behaved and sweet girl, from what I could tell, especially considering some of the circumstances that she was raised with.

Julie sat comfortably on the sofa as I finished brewing another round of tea's for us. Edward took the mug, and sipped, simultaneously as I did, when I heard somebody from outside trouncing down my steps and then a rather loud knock on the door.

I wondered if this could be Xander, as I had expected earlier, wanting to devise some sort of spying technique for us to follow the strange fellows in military garb that seemed to randomly be around.

I went to get the door, but Edawrd, raised his hand up, sipping his tea and offered to get the door and watched him open it, to see Angel staring there, looking like he had rushed over.

That was rather curious an troublesome, but not as much as him actually being in Sunnydale. I watched as Edward examined him at the door as Angel came in, wondering if Edward recognized him from his studies in England.

(Edward, Angel and Julie)

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Sunnydale revisited. [22 Apr 2005|07:03am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

I sped up the highway, after convincing, or I should say, after Doyle convinced Cordy that she should accompany us to Sunnydale to battle the scourge.

She was very tense, and while I undderstood part of her apprehension about not wanting to come to Sunnydale, I didn't get it entirely, because nobody there ahted her and if it was painful memories that were making her trapidate, then they could be erased with acts of heroism, which she could be a part of.

The beginning of the trip, leaving Los Angeles hadn't been easy. Cordy was crabby, but we convinced her, with the bribe that we would still be training her, that things were going to be different, that she could make a difference this time around.

She had probed Doyle on the visions, and of course, being the chicken that he was, he had come up with a creative lie on the way that he had first received them, instead of just being honest and telling herthe truth about who he was. I wanted to just stop the car and make it clear to both of them what the situation was between them, but I couldn't. Doyle was in love with her and it was up to him to tell her when he felt comfortable, and I wasn't going to stand in the way of that.

Once we entered Sunnydale, I didn't sense the scourge, or a massive demon presence, but there was definitely tension in the air.

I drove to near the westfield cemetary and the mansion on Crawford street, sensing a military presence nearby. I saw a pack of soldiers not far from where I parked the car, and as we went in, I wondered if the government had knowledge of the scourge too.

I looked to Doyle, wordless, concerned, but that was broken as I unlocked the door and Cordy happily went inside like a kid in a candy store. The place hadn't changed at all. The chains were still on the wall where we had fake locked Buffy up. "Cordy, the place hasn't changed that much, no need to get excited."

I smiled at her, even though I wondered what was going on outside of the walls, I wondered where the scourge was, and I worried about Buffy.

((Cordy and Doyle))

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What a night. [22 Apr 2005|06:52am]

[ mood | busy ]

After the lights went down and the parties took off, we headed down into the hollow. We headed down into the nerve center and were bombarded with a flurry of activity.

Forrest, Graham and myself went down together, like we always did, and even though I was ahead of hem in the order of things, our camaraderie was true. We generally went out on patrol together, when the other thirty plus men went on patrols in seperate sectors, generally in three man teams.

Maggie had been in a strange mood, and the computers spit out information to her and when she turned to us again, and even the scientists had gathered around, she looked even more disturbed, more cranky.

We all knew that something was wrong. We had come to know her as a very intelligent and dedicated woman, who not only wanted to teach students to be strong, and assertive when dealing with the human mind, but she also had an enormous love for our country, and wanted to protect it with all of her heart from the demons that alked among us, unannounced.

She was belligerent about the escape of hostile seventeen, which was something that threatened our entire operation, if he were to talk, so she sent Graham, Forrest and eye after him, and we were off, using high-tech tracking equipment, but that was only after hearing that demons seem to be on the way hear and that there was an increase in the demon population in Sunnydale.

I wanted to jump on that, but hostile 17 was more important and he WAS going to be back in cages in no time, or better yet, dust.

We went into our sector, but of course, since we were tracking, our sector covered large area, and we frequently bumped into other units. We had come up with nothing so far, which made my mind drift to the grotto and the little date, if you could call it that, with Buffy and Willow, which I was still trying to process.

I wanted to tell them about the dangers in the world, and especially in this town, to show them how cool my job REALLY was, but classified was classified an I respected the rules.

My mind drifted back to the mission when Graham said that he might have something. I raised my stun gun and stuck out my hand, demanding silence and stopping of all movement.


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[18 Apr 2005|10:13am]

[ mood | angry ]

"Thanks, Dennis", as he hands me a tissue. I'm on my couch, crying at the fact that we will be making our way to Sunnydale. Although, I told myself I'm not going, I can't just leave him to take care of this problem without the whole team. I love Angel. He's my best friend. I promised, I will be with him for as long as he needs me, and Cordelia Chase never breaks a promise. Okay, maybe I've broke a few promises, but when it comes to Angel, a promise is a promise.

I'm not exactly thrilled to see Buffy and the gang. They are going to find out I work for Angel. That would probably get some smart comments. Boy, I know Buffy would just love that. She'll tell Angel, she can't believe he let me work for him, blah, blah, blah. On top of that, I'd have to see Xander. Not wanting to see my cheating ex-boyfriend. I mean, seriously. I'll need to prove myself ten times harder, than in high school.

Wait, maybe we wouldn't have to see them. If we just got an office with apartments in the same building, we can help, while remaining incognito. Then, when this is all over with the Scourge, we can come back to LA. If we aren't planning on staying in the long run, then maybe it wouldn't be so bad to go for a little while.

"Dennis, I'm so glad I found this spell, so you can come with me. You know I couldn't leave you here, all by yourself", I say smiling. And, this apartment, is not going any where. There is no way I'm giving it up.

I'll need to tell Angel, I'll go with a few conditions. I hated to be demanding, but it's in my nature. He's basically forcing us to go, so I have no other option, then to set my own conditions. At this point, I don't care what he thinks, right now. He knows he's wrong for forcing me back there, so there's a chance he'll feel bad. Right? I sigh. I hate this whole situation. Angel, you will severly pay for this, when this is all over.

{[open for Angel and Doyle]}

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Night time. [15 Apr 2005|05:33pm]

[ mood | curious ]

It was awesome hanging out with Riley, really. He was a great guy, a little concerned with our safety, which was alright...I mean, he had reason to be concerned with safety of girls...but not Willow and I. We were probably the people that needed least saving of everyone in this town. And I was guessing with our luck, we'd end up having to save Riley, and making up a lie about it.

I liked Riley though, solid, smart. A type of guy that I'd like to date, not as rebound though. To date date. Like a normal college freshman girl did. And to my surprise, he was the one that showed interest in me, not the other way around. For once someone actually made a point to hang out.

Of course, though it had to be night time, and I had a sacred duty to be doing..like patrol. I had to patrol, thus meaning that I needed to go do that thing, either with Willow or alone, not Riley. So I made up some really dumb lie about having a lot of homework due, and that I was unable to hang tonight. Of course, anyone that knew me wouldn't buy that, because when did I do my homework? When did I have time to do my homework?

So after a few drinks later, and walking down the street, I just looked at Willow.

"You know, you didn't have to leave. You could have stayed and hung out a little more. I wouldn't be able to because Giles wanted me to see if I ran into these mysterious commando guys. If you want to go back, I'm totally okay with the solo thing."

It might have been better anyway, because I didn't know what, or how dangerous these guys were.

((Open To Willow.))

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Training day. [13 Apr 2005|06:51am]

[ mood | awake ]

I had snapped at Cordy over her cockiness about how well she was doing. I felt like a microbe about it and couldn't believe that I had actually gone vamp on her and tossed her up against the wall to prove my point.

She had been doing very well at defending my advances, although I wasn't even going half speed and she was certain that she was made for figting and I had to assure her that on the streets, in the real world, oter vampires and demons wouldn't be going less then half speed.

She knew that, which made me feel bad, which meant that this was going to be a long training session, so I wouldn't have to brood.

Doyle, blackeye and all from one of Cordy's mean right hands, had also been training, and I had gone a little more then half speed with him, but hadn't made any facial contact, although I bet that he might have had a bruised rib or two, but he held his own better then I think that he expected to, spurred on by wanting to impress Cordy, although that would never happen because he was too afraid to show Cordy his demon side.

I wanted to take him aside and yell at him for him to be honest with her and that he was going to get nowhere with her without honesty, but I would do that another time, and soon, when Cordy wasn't around.

Once again, Cordy stood in front of me, ready to go. Her attitude was good after our misunderstanding, and she even had a smile for me, as she got into a defensive position, and I threw a mock right hand towards her face, that she clubbed away. "Good job, Cordy. Now, I'm going to go a little harder. Just a litte."

She gave me the bring it on look.

[Doyle and Cordy]

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Always a pity to See Olivia go. [12 Apr 2005|08:16pm]

[ mood | blah ]

It was always such a pity to see Olivia go back to England. I had known her forquite a lot of years, and her visits were both physically and intellectually stimulating.

The drawback of her coming, was that I always got more attached to her and then she always had to go back, and she had been here for a couple of days, filling up what would have been otherwise dull times.

We had the Thanksgiving day fiasco, but other then that, I found myself bored. After elimianting the mayor, and the destruction of the high school, I actually missed being the librarian there, and part of that was because even if it was still there, Buffy, Willow and Xander wouldn't have been coming by anyway, because they were in college. Well, Xander may have been by from time to time, but that was about it, and I hated to think it, but the hellmouth wasn't exactly daunting right now, and with the exception of the reports of these strange commando's on the piece and the aforementioned Thanksgiving day fiasco, things weren't even a trite dull.

They were far beyond that.

I found myself drying off after a shower and putting on a pair of slacks and an oxford shirt, along with some argyle socks.

I was planning to make myself a spot of tea when I heard a knock on the door. I wrapped the small dish towel that I had used to clean up a trifle spill of water that had produced when pouring the water for the tea, and walked over to the door.

I was betting it was Xander. I wonder what he wanted? He probably wanted to discuss the commando situation.

I opened the door. It wasn't Xander. "Hello," I muttered, kindly, not having met them before, but having an inkling about who they were.

((Edward and Julie))

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Training [12 Apr 2005|06:41pm]

[ mood | sympathetic ]

I had no choice, I needed to figure out how exactly to train Makayla. Her Grandfather trusted that I'd take care of her. Not only do I have that task, but also the task of advancing her skills as a Dreamwalker. It has indeed been a long time since I, myself have used such skills. In fact, I had almost forgotten that I had the skill until I got word that Makayla was on her way.

I had decided that the first thing that needed to be done was to determine just how powerful she was. I needed to know exactly how far Niyol had taken her. More importantly than that, I needed to build up my own mental defenses. It has been a long time since I've had to keep others out of the parts of my mind I wanted to keep secret.

I sat down on my living room floor and closed my eyes. It had been far too long since I had done any of this. And, to some degree I am angry with myself because I have not kept up on it as I should have. I tried to clear my mind, but that wasn't as important as what I did have in my mind. The trick to keeping one's mind safe is to focus on the image of a brick wall. That and Nothing else. But, on the same token...in the case of Dreamwalking, it can't be the only focus of your mind. It has to be parallel to what you're actually thinking. It's a complicated thing really.

I cleared my mind. The only thought that was there was of the brick wall that I was building around the things I wanted kept private. When you walk in dreams, you don't always see deeper than the dream that is being actively observed by both the dreamer and the walker. But a skilled Dreamwalker can often glimpse beyond the facade the subconscious portrays. In fact, it is the true nature of a dreamwalker to go beyond this.

I tried to regain my focus when I heard footsteps behind me...

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Think you can keep me locked up, don't you? [09 Apr 2005|04:08pm]

[ mood | irritated ]

One minute I feel something hard clash against my head and the next I find myself laying in some bleedin’ white room, with no damn way out. This was bloody ridiculous if you ask me. And where the hell was I?

I managed to stand up grabbing hold of my head. Felt like I had been spinning for hours or some crap like that. I glanced around the room, eyes darting from corner to corner with no recollection of anything. Some sort of white prison cell I was in with glass doors. Might as well try to break though the damn things or something.

I sighed and head towards the glass, better test it out first. This can’t be that easy. I reach out and touch the glass but feel a shock travel though my body. “BLOODY HELL” I exclaim as I finally get my hand loose. The damn piece of glass electrocuted me, since when did glass do that. Seems like that plan failed, and from the looks of it don’t see how anything else is going to work.

Just then I heard a small sound, almost like something dropping behind me. I turn to see some sort of package of blood sitting there. I glance up and notice the small opening it had to come from. I shook my head and was about to pick up the pack of blood before I heard a voice.

“What?” I glance around.

I hear the voice again, sounds like its coming from the wall. Makes sense, there must be another cell like this next to me. The guy mentions something ‘bout the blood being drugged and that they do experiments on you once your all drugged up and passed out. Great, just great I was some sort of guinea pig, and I knew exactly who to blame for this. Somehow the slayer found out about me and got me all drugged up by whoever these people are. “Nice one Summers, thought you could get ride of me couldn’t you.” I mumble to myself. Just wait till she see’s what’s coming for her as soon as I get out of here. Which now I have the window of opportunity to do. See here, I figure this little pack of blood they up and gave me could do me some good. They plan on drugging me up and according this this bozo over here they do some sort of experiments on me. So, I’ll give them that drugged up self of me all passed out and not able to do a damn thing. Only thing is they’ll have something they don’t expect coming to them once they get me where ever it is their going to take me.

The Great EscapeCollapse )

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Training and embarrassment [07 Apr 2005|06:54am]

[ mood | nervous ]

Sure, Cordelia wanted to train and Angel coul't brood for lonf enough to avoid her cute puppy dog eyes, and I got dragged into it.

I was the one that should be training her. Angel's this big hero, way tuh strong fer the likes of her. I mean, he could hurt her if he's not careful.

What I wouldn't give for a pint right now, but now, the elevator opens and what's worse, is dat Angel suckers me into going in on dis little session and now, Cordelia's going tuh see what a fraud that I am in the fighting department.

We got of the elevator, Cordelia the firs one out, all excited, Angel second, business-like and serious mixed with a little fun, while I sotra crept out filled with the terror of another embarrassing performance in front of her.

These were the types of things dat were unfair. I was just an average Joe in de mirror and couldn't impress her with de looks like Angel could, and I fought better when I was drunk and dat was saying much. Still I wished dat I had a nice pint of Guiness, or maybe a rack of dem.

I watched on as Cordelia expectingly got into a fighting position and Angel prepared to teach her how to defend. Great, I didn't even have a fighting style dat looked as good as hers.

This was going tuh be a long, miserable couple of hours. Please, vision, come now and rock me wih de agonizing pain. It was de only way dat I was a hero.

[Angel and Cordy]

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[03 Apr 2005|01:37pm]

[ mood | worried ]

I walk over to get a glass of whiskey for Doyle. "Are you going to be ok, Doyle?", I say as I pass the glass to him. Even though, he's a big dorkus, who doesn't know how to dress, and possibly stinks a little, he is apart of this team. Not only do I tend to Angel's wounds, I should tend to Doyle's vision pains, right?

Speaking of Angel, where is he? He's been gone for too long. I hope he's ok. I told him we need to invest some money into cell phones. Except, Mr. I-lived-in-the-18th-century, thinks it's not a wise investment. Pfft!

I walk over to Doyle and sit next to him on the couch. "Sooooo...do you want another glass?" I was still trying to get a feel for Doyle. We really didn't have much in common. We made due, but there is still something about him, I can't quite put my finger on.

"God, did you send Angel on a scavenger hunt? He usually doesn't take this long", I say to Doyle.

[[open to Doyle & for Angel when he comes back from fighting]]

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[30 Mar 2005|12:30am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Sometimes I wonder why Buffy and Willow still keep me around. It has been made obvious to me that I am a directionless loser, of course yes that came from my loving parents, but the words did kind of stick in my mind. I sometimes wish I could have been smarter, or what have you, but all I really learned in high school was to be afraid. Anyway, now I get to watch all my friends be smarties and I work at burger barn, or driving the ice cream truck, depending on the season.

What they all don't know is I have decided that I am going to forgo the lame jobs and try to find a way into the cool circle by way of my job. So what do I do? You may ask...well I go and get a nifty fake ID and get a job at the bar just off campus. Lots of choice babes, and not to mention, everyone wants to talk to the bar tender, or atleast in my little world they do. I wonder what Buffy and Willow will say now, no jokes about being the bum in his parents basement...Ok well there will probably still be jokes, but there can't be as many.

As I contemplate my new place of employment...gah I have been around Giles too much..as I think about my new job, I have to wonder..will I make enough there to get out of the parents basement? God I hope so, I can't take much more of the smell of chlorine from the bleach, and the smell of the hot plate over heating. You know if my parents would just allow me to cook upstairs...it doesn't matter..my first plan is to get out of that house..maybe Buffy and Willow have room for me in their new nifty off campus part pad....I probably shouldn't call it that in front of them. I need to ask them...soon. Though...sometimes I wonder why they keep me around.

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[28 Mar 2005|01:10am]

[ mood | blah ]

Ok so how does it work? Life that is. Well if you are me everything you hold dear is taken from you in one fail swoop. The story goes like this, grandfather calls me in one day, he says, young one, you are going to live with a good friend of mine, he will take good care of you and teach you further..the things that I have taught you. Please don't fight me on this, just do as I wish and you will understand in the end. He said I would understand, but I don't.

I got to Sunnydale, leaving all I knew behind and met up with the man I was supposed to and it wasn't as bad as I thought, but I was still many miles away from the only family I have ever known. I would always do as grandfather wished, for he was my world, but I didn't get why it had to be now...

That is I didn't get why until Wesley received the call..the one I dreaded, yet didn't because I didn't know to dread it. It was the call from the elder woman of our clan that informed Wesley that Grandfather had passed while he was meditating in the hills. He lived a long, full life, but I didn't even get to say goodbye which just wasn't fair.

That call took the excitment out of my life, took my happiness and it would just take time. I just hoped that Wesley was as understanding as I needed him to be. I guess the one upside was that I had started college and I had a normal life...I guess I could look for that. Its just that I haven't felt up to doing anything this last week...oh well its just class.

[[open to Wesley]]

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A New Life [27 Mar 2005|11:58pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Ok so one moment I am in chains in my room...well the cage built in my room and the next the police are coming in and taking my dad away in handcuffs. It was odd, none of the police from this area were with the group to arrest him. Little did I know that they would arrest everyone that he let sleep with me. What I also didn't count on was all the national news networks that made their way out to little old Evangeline Louisiana just to find out about the poor tortured girl who managed to break free.

I was just happy to have the chance to have a normal life. I wasn't sure how that was going to work out and how I was going to manage, but I knew that it was going to start with Edward taking me with him to Sunnydale California. He didn't give many details and I didn't ask, I was just happy to have the freedom that I have never had.

He made this transisition a lot easier that I thought it would be by allowing me to go shopping for whatever I needed and that included the only thing I had ever wanted. He got me a camera and everything I needed to be a great photographer. In the three days it took us to get to Sunnydale he managed to get me clothes, more than I could ever need, a camera and all that is needed to go with it, a laptop..not sure why, but who am I to complain.

The best part was that when we got to Sunnydale he managed to get a home, a real home, no cage anywhere that had a room just for me that was what I had always wanted...but never could have. I didn't know what else to expect, but I did know that no matter what Edward would be there for me, which was more than I ever had.

Stake a Vamp

[27 Mar 2005|10:08pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Of all the things that I call a miracle managing to get custody of Julie was the best of all miracles. The council was not thrilled with this decision of mine, but they allowed it on the condition that I travel to Sunnydale California, Julie in tow, to take control of the slayer there. They think that I will speak on their behalf and train her in their ways. If they haven't learned yet that I don't truly care for them they never will.

There were a few things I needed to do before moving to Sunnydale. First on my list of priorties was to get Julie everything she would ever need or want. After the most painful 6 hours in a mall and then driving to every photography store in the Los Angeles area as well as several other stores. This girl had everything she needed with no worries. I just hoped that she could get used to the times in sunnydale.

Once we had everything together it was now time to head to Sunnydale and find a place to live. The council had made appropriate arrangments for everything, though they had left the housing to me. I decided that something simple, but permanant was the proper thing. Julie has never had anything to call her own, now she will.

We arrived in Sunnydale early friday morning and by sunday we had a house, with the option to buy later. It is as if they don't have many buyers in sunnydale...I wonder if that is due to the hellmouth's energy...I shall have to look into how active this hellmouth truly is. For now it is just about getting Julie moved in.

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